Current Song!


The purpose of this page is to share what song I’m listening to lately. ^.^ Of course, I’ll listen to more than this song, but this will be the one that I want to share. I’ll probably change this once a day or at least a few times a week. It depends what else I’m doing and if I feel like changing it.

Current Song: 만세(MANSAE) by Seventeen

^Music Video^

Previous Current Songs:

**** The links to the videos should open in a new tab when you click on them!****


6 thoughts on “Current Song!

  1. […] besides them there’s been SHINee, Block B, MBLAQ, and WonderBoyz playing a lot. So, for the Current Song! I’ve chosen MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl because it is sooooo catchy and they have good voices. […]

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