Tackling a Challenge

So, to help myself with blogging…I’ve decided I really want to do a 365 Day Challenge. And yes, I do know that it is April. I figured, 365 day challenges don’t have to start in the beginning of the year.

It’s taken me a few days to figure out what to do for my 365 day challenge. However, I think I have it now. It’s going to include a mix of things so I don’t get bored with it (basically compiling different challenges into my own challenge). The list so far includes photo challenges, art challenges and writing challenges. I also plan to include music somewhere in all of this. If I do so then I’ll be including a lot of the things I enjoy and like. I like mixing things up.

I also think this will fit well in my blog. All of the things in the 365 Day Challenge will be in my life and about my life. This really might help me support my blog. By support, I mean keep it up and keep me posting. It makes me feel like the 365 Day Challenge fits on my blog and that my blog is actually about me and what I like…instead of just what I like (like K-Pop). Hopefully I’ll be able to tie in my Korean Learning into this challenge. Perhaps I’ll challenge myself to create a piece of art with a Korean word or something like. Or learn a new Korean word for a certain amount of days. Hm, ideas. 😉 And as for the review part of my blog…maybe I’ll review a certain amount of songs or groups for however many days.

The only thing I’m worried about is this might end up being too all over the place to where it doesn’t seem like it is a 365 day challenge at all. Though, as an overall name, it might be wise to just call it a 365 Day Blog Challenge-where I need to blog something each day. But that seems like it’d have to be not as themed. Oh well, this might just end up being more unique.

I think that a lot of them may end up being silly or just for fun while others will be more serious. I’m really excited to get the full list written, or at least half a year’s worth so I can start the challenge soon.

I plan to get started tomorrow, which means finishing a good part of the list tonight. This definitely means another blog post will be up tonight with the list of what I’ll be doing.

Well, now to get to work!

See you later,


So uh, *awkward moment walking into a room*

Hi everyone! Um, I do realize it has been almost two months since I’ve posted here. I feel horribleeeeeee about it, really. But what can I say, college started getting the best of me. Now, I can say I just got to busy for getting on here to write and have fun. (YES, fun. This stuff is fun.) But I know that isn’t the whole truth. I really didn’t realize it until a couple days ago that I was slipping back into depression. Ugh, it makes me feel horrible that I didn’t even notice. I started eating more again and not really wanting to be social or anything. I mean, I was fine in my apartment with my roommates and everything. I was still a silly, loud person, but there were a lot of times of me zoning out or not smiling or anything-and I smile A TON. I think this mainly started because I was soooo stressed out the last couple months. First, I started getting behind in my classes last quarter. This was partly my own fault (I got lazy) and then I also was sick and missed a week of class. Then, I’ve been stressing over money issues. I needed a job ASAP. But now, there’s new classes (fourth week of the quarter at the moment, and I CANNOT STAND my history class). And I also have training for a job this Friday! There’s also a possibility of me having a second part-time job at my school.

Now that I’m not stressing as much and trying to be more logical about everything I’m doing, I’ve decided to get back to what I love. This blog is one of them. Another is learning. Now, I know I’m in college but aside from the horrid history class, I really only have hands on art classes (even if the one is with computers), so it doesn’t feel much like learning. What I do enjoy learning is language. I know this because I took three years of Spanish in high school. So, the day before yesterday I picked up the Korean Language for a Good Job book that I won from Two Chois. I was really enjoying it even though I made myself start over. I have decided that I want to try to go over some Korean every day. An exception for yesterday because I had a headache and my aunt came over-headache because I waited to eat my first meal at 3pm…stupid, I know. I’ve also downloaded a Korean/English keyboard on my phone to help, as well as adding a Korean keyboard to my laptop. I just need some of those little sticker things to put on my Keyboard so I know where each letter is without looking at the picture I saved to my desktop.

Unfortunately, today is my long day of class, but I decided to at least get this post saying what all has happened up to help my mood. The history class is today. I like history, but this is a four hour lecture hall class where the teacher talks about the same things over and over and over. Not to mention she shows us like four powerpoint presentations and two movies each class. I think if you cans how us that much then it doesn’t need to be that long of a class because it’s the same thing over and over and it gets boring and gives me a headache. It also doesn’t help that she only gives us one 15 minute break. And it’s from six to ten in the evening…after my Image Manipulation class…so I hardly have time to eat anything.

Blah. I’m done complaining. I’m happppppy again, and so relieved and I don’t even know how to explain. but I plan on giving the blog a face-lift. I think you’ll be surprised as to what I have planned. Also, of course, I’ll be getting back to talking about and reviewing K-Pop, since that’s what I like to do.

Though it’s most likely a lot of this won’t be happening until tomorrow since I have stuff to do before class and I don’t get home until after 10 pm. And of course I like to eat dinner then. It just depends on how exhausted I am.

So, bye for now!



Let me tell you now, I had no idea I’d be almost constantly tired when I started college, considering I have classes only three days a week. But, Monday and Wednesdays I have two 3 hour classes and Thursdays I have a 4 hour class. I’ve had trouble paying attention so far (just completed my second week of college). It’s a lot different than high school, that’s for sure. And this is the reason why I haven’t been posting. I’ve either been at school or I’ve been doing homework or I’ve been sleeping.

It’s really shocking for me, but I’ve gone a couple days without starting up my laptop. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. So weird. But I’ve also been to the point where I’m tired but can’t sleep so I end up watching Netflix with my roommate. Aaaand, we’ve gotten into the Kdrama world. Like, seriously. First we started watching Flower Boy Ramen Shop (I think we’re on episode 12). -All I can say is Onion! Mr. Pillar! And Dog Chi Soo!- And when she was doing something, I started watching Boys Over Flowers (only on episode 8). -And it seriously took me forever to figure out that Jihoo is Hyun-Joong from SS501…- While I was watching that, she got caught up on it and now we’re both watching it. Kdramas, why did I put off watching you for so long?

But eventually, I get to the point where I need a break from subtitles, but then I have no idea what to watch because I was also watching anime (Black Butler)…and I’ve also started watching a K-pop documentary called I Am. I think I should try to finish or continue some of these this weekend!

Since I’m finally getting into a new schedule, I’ve come back to you, WordPress-blog-thingy. Oh how I’ve missed you! So, as soon as this post is published/finished being written, I’m going to update the current song page.

I also plan on getting caught up on the more recent eatyourkimchi videos. Which are already making me hungry, darn you fapfaps.

That’s another thing I have to get into, is a new eating schedule. School has really screwed me up. But, it’s something I need to put on my to-do list…along with setting some time aside for learning more Korean and stuff like that…on my free time.

I’ve also dyed my hair purple! It’s really exciting to me. It’s something I’ve always wanted…that I finally did. Well, my roommate did it for me but I bought the dye.I think it turned out awesome.

Review: Korean Language for a Good Job!

Alright, this has taken me awhile to be able to have the time and resources to review. The book (which I won from TwoChois’ 5th Lucky Draw) actually arrived pretty quickly. I got it in the mail the day before I went camping. I looked through it then and then in the car-because car rides are boring, we all know. I’ve not used it much, but I’ve looked at in (different sections) to know that it’s really a good book to use.
I’ve not had the time to use it more because I just moved last Sunday and now I’m visiting other family before I start college on Monday (you all understand the lack of time, right?).
Here’s some pictures (they’re limited because I keep forgetting to take more with my phone):

Korean Language


I wish I had a picture of it, but I don’t…but it’s really useful in learning Korean as a whole.
First, it actually shows how the brushstrokes/penstrokes should be for writing in Hangul (it displays this when teaching the alphabet).
As you go further into the book, it doesn’t just include vocabulary and other Korean language learning, it also includes conversations and real-life applications. It includes history of the language and Korea as a part of it’s ‘curriculum’. I really think it’s pretty nifty to include more than just the basic language learning.
It’s a well put together book that is easy to follow. It also has a CD that follows the whole book, and then a smaller drill book that follows the second half of the main book.

I think it’s neat that TwoChois included a free magazine with the book I won. It’s called First Look.
I can’t read any of it, but I liked looking at it. I took the back pictures/poster looking things off of it because I needed something to put on the white walls of my bedroom walls that I just moved into. I mean, it’s B1A4! So why not take them out? I know it’s them because I looked it up online and found out that they modeled for the ‘Backstreet Boys’ part of the magazine.

I didn’t take the picture very straight…and you can ignore my drawing. xD

So, here’s my short review. Once I get to use it more, I’ll probably do another one that includes more about the content and pictures of the inside of the book. But I knew that I wouldn’t have time before the ‘one month after we get it, a review is due’…at least, I think that’s how long we have to review. Plus, I didn’t want to keep putting it off.
Thanks again for the awesome book!


Where to start? I’ve not posted for a few days. I was sick all of last week and wasn’t feeling up to posting. Nothing exciting happened. All I did was chill around, taking naps, and going on the computer/watching TV a bit. My mind wasn’t up for learning more or taking the time to try to write-which I’d probably be thanked for because it wouldn’t have been understandable if I did write up a post.

This being said, I’m back! …but only for a few days. I leave Friday to go camping until next Wednesday (I think) so I won’t be available much at all those days…It depends how long I spend at my aunt’s house while camping since she only lives a few miles from where I’ll be. And so I’ll try to write a post or share something new on Thursday, but that might not happen because I’ll be staying at my cousins’ house (going camping with them).

Then after that…I’m really nervous. I have an orientation and move into an apartment through my college on July 1st, with class starting on July 8th. Luckily, I don’t have much to do at orientation, but I’m so nervous to move out and have to deal with things on my own…well, I know I’ll have help/support from my family, but it seems so scary to have this happening already.

Also, another thought coming from my previous ramen experience. I’ve been eating a lot of ramen this past week since I’ve been sick (the broth helps my throat). Whipping up an egg and cooking in with it is soooo yummy. ^^ I highly recommend doing so. I also added some green onions to it. That was yummy too.

And this is the end of this post! I’ll be updating the Current Song! page tonight and I think I’ll also be posting again about K-pop.

Oh! I lied. There’s a couple apps for Android phones that my friend shared with me. One is called TenguGo Hangul (which I’ve used) and the other is called Learn Korean Numbers (which I’ve not used). The Hangul one seems pretty good and useful…very user-friendly and seems like it’ll definitely help me learn. There’s two different parts to it; one for learning to read Hangul and one for learning to write Hangul. And because I’ve been sick, I’ve not had the chance to look at the numbers one. However, I’ll keep my blog updated on how learning with the two apps goes.