To The Beautiful You

Oh how I’ve tried so badly to watch this K-Drama, To The Beautiful You. I really have. I’ve pressed play like 4 different times in the past week or so, and I just can’t handle it. I had to keep pausing and I kept going “no no no no, stop, no” over and over in my head. This being said, I’ve not even gotten halfway through the first episode. I’m not saying it isn’t a good drama, and it truly does seem interesting and I want to watch it.

The problem I’m having is getting passed the fact that no one realizes Goo Jae-Hee (played by Sulli) is a girl and not a boy. It’s just not believable one bit. Obviously, this has to happen for the story of the drama and all. I just wished they would have tried a bit more to make it less obvious. Also, not saying Sulli is a bad actress, but there’s no way she would be able to pass for a boy. This really is the only obstacle I have to get through to get more into the series. It’s a big obstacle though.

Spoiler starting here if you haven’t seen it! I can’t believe she wasn’t questioned more when Kang Tae-Joon (played by Minho) found her girly underwear when everything fell out of her suitcase on her way up all of those stairs to the school. That was just ridiculous. I also can’t believe those were even in her suitcase to begin with! It’s just ridiculous. If I were going to be trying to pass as a guy, I would at least pack all boxers! End of Spoiler.

Now that I got that out of my system…I will try to get back to this drama. Like I said, it does seem interesting, so I want to watch it. Also, Minho is in it, and I’ve never seen his acting before. I figured might as well test this one out (two birds with one stone, yeah?).

Will update if I watch more!



K-Drama Review! :: Heirs

Soooo, I’m not sure if this is the best drama for a first K-Drama review. O.o

I’ve seen a lot of negative and positive things about it. It’s really interesting what different people are thinking about it. And now I’m here to tell you my opinion. Yes, I’ve seen all available episodes (this means through episode 6). If anyone is wondering, I watch it on dramafever.

First off, I CANNOT stand the American actors in the first 3 episodes when it’s set in LA. Their acting is atrocious. Like, seriously, could they not find anyone better or did they just not care? Also, the horrendous stereotypes of Americans. Such a great way to offend foreign viewers and make them not want to watch your show…so great for international affairs. Not everyone in America drinks, does drugs, parties all the time, or only think about sex. It was really disgusting and I almost quit watching the show because of it. However, I didn’t…
Oh, and Lee Minho’s English could’ve been just a taaaad better.

If you get passed the whole crappy American stuff (which means starting with episode 4), it’s actually pretty good. I really am starting to like the story line and how everyone in the drama is somehow connected (most likely in multiple ways). It can be really intense. And at first, I was quit confused who was who and how they knew whoever. But it kind of all fell into place and now I think I got everything down. xD Not to mention, the Korean actors are awesome. I’ve seen a few of them in different dramas, so I’m already a fan. Total, I’d say that as long as they continue and don’t go back to the crappy American stuff, then they’re good and I’d call myself a fan of the show and try to forget the first three episodes.

And now to talk about how this drama is connected to K-Pop! My faaaaaaave part. đŸ˜€
First, Yoon Chan Young is played by Kang Min Hyuk from CNBLUE. Jo Myung Soo is played by Park Hyung Sik from ZE:A (who I recently got into and obsessively watched their TV show). And lastly, Lee Bo Na is played by Krystal Jung of f(x). Isn’t it amazing? I was thinking that these people looked soooo familiar.

Now, the one song of the drama is sung by Ken of VIXX! He’s one of my biases from the group. It’s almost a tie between him and Ravi. Anyways, it’s called In The Name of Love.

Link in case the video doesn’t work.