Hello to all!

The Current Song page has been updated. Out with the old and in with the new … well, kind of! Seventeen, a K-pop group, has really taken over my playlists. They’re not exactly “new” right now since they debuted in May, but they’re one of the rookie groups from this year. And man are they killing it!

I remember my friend and I anticipating their debut a couple of years ago when Pledis Entertainment started their 17 TV. I think she ended up being into them more than I was, but I’m so happy they finally ended up debuting. Of course, I didn’t end up paying attention to them when they debuted because I hadn’t been following K-pop so much like I had been before. But now that I’ve gotten myself back into the K-pop world, I’ve sort of “fallen” for their music. They’re really good, and I think I have more of an appreciation for them since, out of the 13 members, they work on composing and producing as well as making their own choreography.

But then it makes me think “What have I been doing all of my life?” Here they are, all members are younger than me and they’re that great. Meanwhile, I definitely haven’t accomplished something like that. I think, if anything, their hard work can motivate those of us who have trouble keeping motivated to do what we want to do in life.

Anyways, back to the current song. I’ve chosen their song “만세 (Mansae)”. It’s really fun and great to listen to when you’re trying to work on something.


You may not know…

…but I quite like Spanish music! Or well, music in Spanish. I’m not saying it’s specifically by people from Spain. Me gusta la música en español. I like music in Spanish…I’m really not sure the best way to describe it! If I listen to Pandora, I’ll most likely listen to the Luis Fonsi radio station or someone/something similar. He’s actually from Puerto Rico, though. I think many of the other artists that are played on those radio stations are also Puerto Rican, or at least, Latin American or perhaps their parent(s) were.

Either way, I think the actual genre of the music is something like Latin Pop? I really like how it’s either upbeat and fun or slow and soft…romantic, even. Haha!

As I’ve already mentioned Luis Fonsi, I should say that his song, Corazón En La Maleta, is the current song on my Current Song! page. The title translates to Heart on the Suitcase. Don’t let Google Translate lie to you about it being ‘Heart on Suitcase’. I guess taking 3 years of Spanish in high school sort of paid off? Maybe.

Anyways, does anyone else listen to things like this? Or maybe another type of music that isn’t expected?


PS: I’ve decided that I should have a Current Song Updates category…in case anyone stumbles on one of these posts and wants to read any of the posts letting readers know of a Current Song Update. I probably didn’t have to explain this since it is pretty self-explanatory.

Current Song is updated!

Oh my goodness, so let me tell you. I have become almost obsessed with Miyavi. A lot of his work ranges in style, depending if it’s his “newer” or “older” stuff. Artists change and evolve though, so I’m more than alright with it! I am really taken by him. lol. I saw him in the movie Unbroken. I think he did good there, too. And this is not me being biased. It was his first kind of “official” acting experience, at least in a movie.

So, I chose his song Guard You. You can check it out on the Current Song page. There is also a list of the previous Current Songs! I also made sure to make it so they’ll open in a new tab if you click on the video links.

Happy Listening~

Current Song! | Update

Woot! The Current Song! has been updated. I’ve chosen Liar by ONE OK ROCK to be the current song. They’re a Japanese band who are just plain awesome. They don’t just sing in Japanese though. Quite a few of their songs have English in them, and I do have to let you know, the English is really good.

Hope you enjoy,



So, now I’m continuing on from last night. I ended up not posting again, obviously. However, I did get things updated.

I edited my about page a bit. Included in the changes are links to places where I am…like Twitter and Instagram and all that.

I renamed a couple things on the sidebar (like the about page and categories), just small things. I also changed up my little bio thing that is on the sidebar.

I also updated the Current Song page! Very exciting stuff, right there. The song that I’ve featured there is At First by JJCC (Double JC).

I think this is really all that I have to talk about for now. I plan to get some reviews and things like that up sometime this next week. I feel good about this. Even though I didn’t get this posted last night, it makes me happy to know that I will post at the next available time (like today).


Update | BEAT WIN | Current Song

So, the Current Song page has been updated with what song I’ve been replaying and replaying and replaying. It’s getting ridiculous but I love it anyways. I included the music video as well as the dance video to She’s My Girl by BEAT WIN. 

Now, let me tell you about this group. They just debuted January 6th of this year. The members of the group are SeungHo, YoonHoo, SunHyeok, SangGyu, JungHa, and YoungJo.

I think their song is really catchy. I like how it has a light upbeat feeling to it. It’s a nice change from some of the more dark and “serious” songs. I like a mix of my K-Pop. It’s also a change from BTS (which is more hip-hop/rapping than pop)…who I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Anyways, new group. I think their dancing is pretty good. I’d like to see them have a bit more powerful singing. To me, too much of it is in the same tone and everything during the whole song. Of course, this doesn’t include the whole rapping part-which was good to have for a variety of sound throughout the song. I think that this might be their company’s first boy band? I’m not really sure. I can’t find much on them or their company (Heavenly Star Content).

I can’t wait to see more from them though. Please don’t wait forever for a comeback!
Anyways, so I have some links for you!


Now, here’s some pictures that I found of them!


From Left to Right: SangGyu, SeungHo, JungHa, YoonHoo, YoungJo, SunHyeok


From Left to Right: SangGyu, JungHa, SunHyeok, YoungJo, SeungHo, YoonHoo


From Left to Right: SeungHo, JungHa, YoonHoo, SunHyeok, YoungJo, SangGyu

And now for some separate member images of them (from their website, in case it doesn’t load for you):

SunHyuk SangGyu YoungJoYoonHooSungHoJungHa

Friday…which should be renamed.

Yes, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on to post. I had decided it was best to focus on school and doing well in class (which I have been, I have all A’s at the moment). But now that week 5 of the quarter is now over, I’ve decided to try getting online more and go back to posting frequently because I’ve missed it. I’ve missed having something that’s fun to look forward to.

So, I started this blog post on August 10th, and I’m just now finishing it on the 27th. I guess it’s better than not finishing it at all. I’ve had a lot to do. I’ve decided to not get rid of that first paragraph up there. I mean, what would be the point? You might as well be able to see what all I wrote….except for the sentence that I started and never finished. That was erased. I still don’t know my classes for next quarter and I’ve been procrastinating horribly. My grades are still doing good. One has dropped a bit, but it’s still good. I need to start projects when I get them and not the day or couple days before they’re due.

I really am still interested in this blog, but stuff happens, I suppose. But, I’ll be moving forward and try to find topics that I want to talk about. I like talking, even if it is just typing right now. I don’t really have enough confidence to try vlogging, though I like watching other vlogs. They can be quite interesting and everything.

Tonight (even though it’s going on 2 AM) I’ve been listening/watching Andie from Overworld (a Swedish band). He’s right when he says he can talk. The current one is this one. He doesn’t talk too much nonsense or anything and it’s like a conversation. I recommend any of them, really.

And now onto K-pop, I suppose. I mean, I do blog about it a lot (obviously, it is what started my goals in life that is related to South Korea). I quite like Teen Top’s comeback. Rocking is really catchy and the dancing is a lot different and interesting from their previous stuff. And I’m still going to be a big fan of them. Fighting! And so, Rocking is definitely going to be the new current song. Totally the end of the post now. I’ll update soon, promise.

Visual Kei/J-rock

So, I don’t only listen to K-pop. I know that I’ve mentioned this in one of my posts before, but I’ve not really shared what all I listen to that’s Visual Kei. I absolutely love it, just like I love K-pop…but I don’t know as many artists or anything.

However, the most current, current song is Visual Kei. Diaura is probably my favorite, and Lost November was the first one that I ever listened to by them. Yo-ka has a really interesting and unique voice, in my opinion. I just like Diaura a lot. And it surprised me by how much music they actually have out…but I can only get/listen to them through Youtube, since there’s really no way except paying a fortune on Amazon, which is not happening. You should also listen to Terrors:

Other than Diaura, there’s also Vistlip. They’re my second favorite. I know that their songs, Ozone and Artist, are ending theme songs for two different Yu-Gi-Oh!’s. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vistlip) Thank you, Wiki…I had to make sure because I had heard of them before I knew who Vistlip were. A few of their songs that I like are Order Made (which seriously makes me want to cry), Sindra, and Recipe. Here’s one of them:

And then I also listen to bits of The Gazette and Dir en grey…which I can never remember what parts are capitalized or not for both ones…so I just type them as-is.

I’m Back!

Yes, you probably saw that I’m back since I just posted my review for the book I won from TwoChois’ blog. But I’m also here to post more.
I’ve been reaaaaaaaally busy and not always able to get on the computer. I expect that to change once I start college on Monday, just because I’ll be getting into a routine (and I only have classes 3 days a week).
Although I say I’m back with this post, I don’t have exactly anything to review here. Lately (especially today) I’ve been going to a random K-pop song on Youtube and then just clicking the ‘Youtube Mix’ on the sidebar-so I’ve been listening to a lot of different songs.
However, I’ve had U-Kiss’ Neverland, Stop Girl, and Standing Still stuck in my head on shuffle a lot the past couple of weeks.
But, I didn’t choose that as the Current Song, because other bands should be recognized, right?
Well, besides them there’s been SHINee, Block B, MBLAQ, and WonderBoyz playing a lot.
So, for the Current Song! I’ve chosen MBLAQ’s Smoky Girl because it is sooooo catchy and they have good voices. I’ve watched the Music Video, but I don’t exactly think it’s something to ooh and aaah over, understand? Although it isn’t a video I watch, I still really like the song. I mean, super catchy and addicting. It’s going over and over in my head now as I write this. xD
Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more of a post, but I’m going to end this for now so I don’t just keep on rambling.


From a Kiss Me ^.^

So! I’m a U-Kiss fan, big time. I’ve been listening to them for awhile now but I was finally able to download all of their music the other night…and I’m really happy I did. Plus, I also downloaded uBEAT’s mini album. I love all of it. A lot of their stuff is so catchy and their dancing is good too! The new Current Song! choice was obviously influenced by me listening to U-Kiss/uBEAT so much this past week (click the link…the page is updated).

Here’s a different song than what the Current Song page is:

The video isn’t extreeeemely impressive, but their vocals and dance are what I really like. I think they should do a mirror/practice dance for this song, but they haven’t. However, I’ve found a couple of live performances of this song that I like (where I can watch more of the dance than in the music video). | Live 1 | Live 2 |

I don’t know that I can explain much here…besides that I keep getting distracted by watching the videos and so this post is taking so much longer to write than it should.

Here, I’ll share uBEAT’s music video for Should Have Treated You Better, since I was talking about them too and not just U-Kiss. I think this is one of the only sub-units that I actually really do like quite a bit. Their album also has remixes of other U-Kiss songs, including Standing Still.

PS: I shall convert everyone to be a Kiss Me. Hehe…

EDIT: After I published this post, I realized that I had already shared both videos (I think) on my blog. Oh well. xD They get their own awesome post.