Favorite Shirt | Day 24


Heres my favorite shirt. I really like this. It’s my newest shirt too. I got it from a pledge campaign for the band (money raised was used for the band’s music video)! The band is Kerbera and this is one of their shirts. Check them out!



Favorite Poster | Day 23


Whoa, yes, it has been awhile. A week, to be exact. I’ve not been in quite the mood to write or post anything. I think my change in work schedule had something to do with it. I think I was feeling overwhelmed before it even started! At least, I didn’t let it stop me from having a good weekend, last weekend. I went on quite the adventure on Saturday and did some cleaning on Sunday.

Now to where I stopped posting. I’m going to get caught up now! Here’s my favorite poster. I really like the quote. :)



Photography & My Roommate


Hey everyone! So, after telling her that she should make a blog for awhile, my roommate finally did! Her major is digital photography, so if you guess that’s what her blog is going to be about, then you’re right! It’d be great if you could look at her blog and give her a follow.

Savannah’s Blog


Picture of Coffee | Day 21


I feel like this challenge is really fitting for today. I think I’ve had like 3 or 4 cups of coffee, along with a Java Monster. Haha, oops, maybe it’s a bit too much coffee. And of course it is nice and colorful! ^^




Favorite Color Drabble | Day 19


And now for today’s challenge, a drabble on my favorite color!

It was the color of nobility, and that was why he liked it. That was why he chose it to be at the wedding. Everyone else had thought it was her idea, just like everything else. No one ever believed she would let someone else take control.

His color proved them wrong. It showed he was strong and that she wasn’t everything. The color would be seen all over on the wedding day. The flowers would be the many shades of the color, along with the ties and dresses.

The reason for the wedding was in the color, after all.

Can you guess the color? ;)

If not, I suppose I can tell you.